Pārlekt uz galveno saturu

Entrepreneurship and innovation

This research direction focuses on different aspects influencing development of entrepreneurship and innovation in Latvia. The main research activities aim to study the following topical issues: efficient economic management models, innovative products in agriculture, innovation in business, risk management, and cooperation.

Current projects




Project "Studies on Competitive and Efficient Production of Milk and Meat". Agreement No 2013/86. Research "Development of Efficient Management Models"

 Completed projects


Cooperation project "Enhancing of Legumes Growing in Europe through Sustainable Cropping for Protein Supply for Food and Feed" (EUROLEGUME)


Project No 2013-1-LV1-ERA10-05540. Erasmus Intensive Programme "Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Europe through Development of Entrepreneurial Sales Personality"


No 160413/S100 "Development of Technology to Prolong the Shelf-life of Fresh Meat"


No 2010/0228/2DP/ VIAA/034 "Production of Innovative Poultry Products by Means of Determined Feed Ingredients Based on Timber Cutting Survivals"


Project  "Development of New Feed for Increase of Productivity and Competitiveness in the Sectors of Pig-breeding and Poultry Farming", Agreement No 2010/0226/2DP/


ERA-NET-RURAGRI project No 235175


RURAGRI ERA-NET European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme "Rethinking the Links between Farm Modernisation, Rural Development and Resilience in a World of Increasing Demands and Finite Resources (RETHINK)"